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Video Surveillance for Food Franchise

Like convenient stores and the rest, food franchise is also an easy target for thieves and vandals. Given the products on sales and how they are displayed, food franchises are easily looted of their valuables. This can cause a great havoc and loss for the owner and the employees in general. Thus, security is paramount in this sort of establishment, and the conventional security guards manning the security post will not suffice to cater for the protection of properties, and even lives. The human eyes is limited in its application to detect thieves and vandals, however if it is augmented in 100 folds by the efficient use of video surveillance cameras, nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, will pass unnoticed.

Video surveillance cameras are easy to set up nowadays. Anybody can go through the manual to grasp the understanding of the processes required to install them. Video surveillance companies have made the installation of the cameras a do-it-yourself method, in which the surveillance equipments still maintains their 100% effectiveness. It doesn’t matter that an expert or technician did not install the surveillance system, as long as the proprietor himself install the cameras in strategic positions, there will be proper security monitoring and efficiency.

With the surveillance cameras in place and properly utilised, you can be assured that any thief will be caught in the act. Video surveillance has been reported to have substantially reduced theft in most food franchises; restaurants have been able to curb the “dine and dash” problems by monitoring all the people in the restaurant and in the vicinity. The video surveillance cameras also deter the staff from stealing; in fact, it helps to keep them on their toes and do their work properly. Thus, apart from ensuring an efficient security of the establishment, the proprietor of the food franchise will be able to maximise the use of the employee’s time that he/she is paying for.

The problem of breach in sanitary measures is a big problem for most food franchise. But with the efficient use of the video surveillance system, the staff can be monitored for the failure in adherence of health codes. This will make the health inspectors constantly happy, and food franchise will be routinely approved.

The IP cameras are the most effective for multiple franchises, in which the owner(s) has a chain of the food establishment. In this case the video surveillance footage of all the establishments can be transmitted via the internet to any remote location where they will be monitored at the same time.

With the flexibility of the video surveillance cameras have nowadays, they can easily be rearranged and set up differently to achieve a better security means.

There are other factors to take into consideration when using a video surveillance system. It is against the law to violate anybody’s privacy, be it the staff’s or the customer ‘s. So video surveillance cameras should only be positioned in public places. It will be a crime on the part of the food franchise owner to place them in private places (like the toilet).