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Video Surveillance for Banks

With the nature of what are kept in a bank, there is no doubt that banks require the best form of security ever. Banks are the prime financial institution in the society. They are the stronghold of anything valuable. People associate with the banks solely because of the guaranteed security that they offer. What other reason can anybody think for putting cash, jewelleries, vital documents and bonds in the banks if not for the security they offer? The strongroom (vault) of the bank serve a purpose of being impenetrable by anybody who doesn’t have a key to it. And all that is kept there is secured.

However, despite the 100% security promised by banks, there have been series of bank robberies. Thieves and criminals alike have been able to penetrate the vault and cart away valuables in direct cash worth millions (even billions). There is need to fortify the security systems of the banks. This is where the ever watchful eye of the surveillance cameras comes in. Not the obsolete kind of cameras, which have proved quite ineffective in protecting the valuables in a bank; but the digital IP and networked type, with easy manoeuvre that will spot anything within any radius of its location.

These cameras will ultimately prevent robberies. Their presence alone will deter robbers from perpetrating such crimes. It has been tested and trusted in most banks, and effective results have been recorded. There have been easy apprehensions of criminals caught in the act of theft in the banks. Even for the robberies that seem successful, the criminals were caught later, because the digital surveillance cameras for banks operate with such clarity and efficiency, whereby you will be able to recognise the feature and voice of anybody even if they have a mask on.

The problem of check fraud that plagues most banks can be prevented or solved with the use of IP surveillance cameras. With the facial recognition capacity that most surveillance cameras has, anybody that goes in and out of the bank is have their faces recorded by surveillance cameras that are strategically positioned for this purpose. Whereby, check cashed in by people can be easily matched with faces of the customers.

The problem of “phantom ATM withdrawal” can also be easily solved with the efficient use of surveillance cameras for banks. There have been complaints in past about the withdrawal of cash from via the ATM from somebody else’s account, not by the owner himself. This has served to compromise the trustworthiness of banks in the past. But the effective use of video surveillance cameras at the ATM machine has helped to apprehend the “phantoms.”

With the use of the IP cameras, video surveillance footage of several branches of the same bank can be easily transmitted to a central monitoring room, where there are several security officials monitoring the footage. This allows for effective security measures to be built by the bank’s security department on the foundation of the video surveillance system.