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Benefits Of Megapixel Network Cameras


Megapixel network cameras have been a great innovation in the filed of security surveillance. While detractors may keep crying hoarse about how megapixel network cameras are costlier with results that can be duplicated by traditional CCTV cameras, there is no denying the fact that a mega pixel network camera is much superior to the traditional NTSC/PAL closed circuit surveillance cameras.


Some Of The Main Benefits Of Megapixel Network Cameras Are:


Highly Improved Image Quality: Megapixel means more pixels per inch which directly converts into better picture resolution. Even a basic megapixel network camera will deliver a picture quality that is at least three times better than what a regular CCTV camera would provide. There have been hundreds of crimes which remain unsolved till date in spite of full CCTV camera footage of the perpetrators, because it has been so fuzzy that they could never be identified. On the other hand, megapixel network cameras capture high resolution footage which leaves no doubt to the identity of the people being monitored by the cameras. This feature has made megapixel network cameras an essential part of network surveillance in high security areas like banks, ATMs, VIP buildings and in high end retail stores.


One Megapixel Network Camera Can Replace A Number Of Non Megapixel Cameras: Megapixel network cameras can not only provide high resolution pictures, they can do so over a larger area when compared to your regular NTSC/PAL cameras. A single 2.0 megapixel network camera can replace at least 4 CCTV cameras and still provide better coverage, while a 3.1 megapixel network camera can easily replace 10 regular cameras.


Megapixel Cameras Help Save On Human Resources: The number of people manning network security screens goes up directly in proportion to the number of camera feeds that need to be monitored. With a single megapixel network camera replacing ten simple cameras, the need for more eyes and multiple screen partitions is done away with. By installing megapixel cameras in your security network, you can greatly cut down on employee salaries and costs.


Megapixel Cameras Actually Cost Less Than Regular CCTV Camera Installations: Critics of the megapixel camera always come down to the fact that in spite of all their advantages, megapixel cameras cost more than regular CCTV cameras. However, even this fact is not true in most cases. While improving technology has made megapixel cameras cheaper and easily affordable, the cost of a megapixel camera installation can often be less than a regular installation because lesser cameras are required. Even if the cost of installation of a megapixel camera network is initially high, it is more profitable in the long run because you end up saving on man power while getting better quality pictures.